Progress Bar Helper

Little tool that will help you with all your problems making a progress bar, yepyep.

Select progress bar style


Percentage Selection

Look! I have got out of !
Percent value: 0%
First input is for how many of the thing you are collecting you got, second is for the total amount you need/want.
I got 86 Emeralds out of 100!

How to edit

It's actually pretty simple, the image URL pretty much got all the select from here, a example is here:
We can separate it as:
  • GOT: How many of the items you got
  • TOTAL: How many you want to collect in total
  • COLOR: The (hex) color.
  • You can then easily edit your bar whenever you want without having to come here, or calculate the percentage by yourself, as the bar does it itself, isn't that awesome? If someone reads this, enjoy!
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